"All life is part of our Earth’s complex ecosystem. People share space on this planet with all other forms of life (flora & fauna) and we interact with this planets air, water, soils and minerals. It is in our best interest to promote and support a healthy and sustainable environment. The Maple River and it’s watershed is a cohesive unit that reflects our behavior and actions relative to it’s survival. We all need to make a commitment to promote the wise use of the Maple River and it’s watershed.”    Edward J. Mikula - Biologist


Your friends at FOMR will be at the
Quiet Adventures Symposium held at the
MSU Pavilion this Saturday, March 4th.

It's always a great indoor event as you are getting ready for warmer weather and enjoying the outdoors!!!

Make sure to stop by our FOMR booth and say hello!!!

 Click on the link below for more info


The Friends of the Maple River (FOMR) December meeting was held on
Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

The group got back together during the Holidays. A number of long time members joined the Friends of the Maple River on Wednesday, December 7th to regroup and refocus on how to best move forward as an organization following a couple of challenging years. We met at 6:30 pm, in the First Floor Conference Room of the Clinton County Courthouse at 100 E. State Street, St. Johns, Michigan. Please contact Jon Morrison at 989-534-1132 if you have any questions about FOMR.

This was a bit of a brainstorming session to determine how the group wants to move forward after a couple of years of limited activity. A number of long-standing and/or active members have moved on for various reasons, so this was a time to re-vision the organization as well as an opportunity for new individuals to put their mark on this organization. Members came together to consider how could and should the FOMR be geared to encourage engagement for the enjoyment and preservation of the wonderful Maple River Watershed.

All that are interested are encouraged to attend our meetings and there is no charge.

For more info also contact: Jon Morrison at 989-534-1132  Friends of the Maple River.

Past 2022 Events

FOMR plan river clean up for this

Saturday, April 23

The Friends of the Maple River are planning their annual Maple River River Cleanup and Logjam Removal Day on Saturday, April 23.

If anyone would like to volunteer to keep sections of the river open between bridges during paddling season, April-October, on their own or anyone with questions, please contact FOMR member, Jack Nutter at 989-862-5541. As always check the website http://friendsofthemapleriver.org/ or email them at FOMR_Info@friendsofthemapleriver.org.


Friends we hope you are all staying safe during this crazy time. 

At this time the FOMR is keeping a low profile through COVID, but hope to schedule some events this summer.

The FOMR is in search of a volunteer to help with their virtual image during COVID. Anyone interested in helping out please contact 
Jon Morrison at 989-224-1106.



2021 FOMR Activities  


- Hoping to have an in person meeting in May. In search of an outdoor location to facilitate this event. 

- Looking to schedule a river clean up in April. Keep an eye out for more details! 

- Log jam work will need to be done latter this summer. Anyone interested in helping may contact Jack Nutter at 989-862-5541

- More to come! 


Now Available For Sale!

The New, updated 2nd Edition

Maple River

Trail Guide

& Maple River Watershed History.

Now on Waterproof Paper!

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The Maple River Trail Guide is a waterproof paper flip guide to the Maple River. It contains maps, distances between stops, and the Maple River History. It is now available to purchase for $15. The River Guides can be purchased at any of the bimonthly meetings or other FOMR events. Or you can email us at  FOMR_info@friendsofthemapleriver.org and we can see about making other delivery arrangements on a case by case basis.


Upper Maple River Watershed Management Planning Activity

A cooperative effort of local, state and federal government organizations, educational institutions, citizen/landowner groups, conservation groups, and the business community, to provide education, coordination and encourage public participation and support that will benefit the preservation and improvement of the Upper Maple River Watershed. Get more information HERE!

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